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Save Money on Your Heating and Electric Bills. As site owner I needed to find out the best options for energy-efficient heating and warming. I live in Maine. The winters here are brutal! So we offer many Low Cost Energy-Efficient Heating options.

Our site is a resource for Maine Energy-Efficient Homes and everywhere else. We cover:

  • energy-efficient cooling
  • energy-efficient warming
  • green heating solutions
  • other natural energy-saving options

Energy-Efficient Warming Options

Heaters include Wall Panel Heaters, Energy Efficient Electric Fireplaces, Heaters for Power Outages, Gas Heaters and more. Wall Panel Heaters are a great low cost option for an Energy-Efficient Heater.

You can save a lot of money on your heating bills with these energy efficient heaters. Read our Amaze-Heater vs. Econo-Heater Wall Panel Heater Review. There's other low cost energy-efficient warming solutions too.